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Finding adverse carrier and policy information can be challenging. ISO ClaimSearch® is making it easier.

As part of our new subrogation solutions offerings, participating companies can take advantage of products and features that help streamline the subrogation process, including:

  • Carrier Identified Notification: a free feature on visualized match reports that alerts adjusters when there’s another carrier on a claim and provides the adverse carrier’s claim adjuster’s contact information when available.
  • Policy Insights Report: an optional product available within the ISO ClaimSearch visualized interface that provides detailed auto policy information and makes it easier to find the adverse carrier when it cannot be identified through other methods. The report is also accessible through Decision Net®.

Insurance professionals can now recoup funds on outsourced subrogation files by using the Policy Insights Report to identify the adverse carrier.

  • Many insurance companies outsource subrogation files of uninsured motorists.
  • Did you know that about 10% of these motorists actually have insurance?
  • Identifying parties with insurance coverage prior to outsourcing your files for collection allows you to increase your recoveries while not incurring additional expense.
  • Can you afford to not use the Policy Insights Report?

In addition to the adverse carrier, the Policy Insights Report provides other policy information that is helpful to insurance professionals, including:

  • vehicle Information, including VINs
  • drivers on the policy
  • policy inception, effective, and cancellation dates
  • lienholder information

Click here to see an example of the Policy Insights Report.

These products and features are available to companies that contribute to ISO ClaimSearch®, Coverage VerifierSM, and A-PLUS™ and have signed the Data Use Authorization Form with ISO. More than half of the top 50 carriers are participating. Here’s how you can take advantage of these tools:

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