ISO Claims Partners Cloud FAQs

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing uses networks of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. For ISO Claims Partners, cloud computing offers distinct advantages for syncing, processing, and securing claims data.

Which public cloud providers are you evaluating?

ISO Claims Partners is open to looking at all public cloud providers that can meet our stringent security, privacy, and uptime service level agreements. Currently, we’re primarily focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be our public cloud provider. Other services under consideration include Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Why move to public cloud providers?

Public cloud platforms offer several advantages, including the ability to scale solutions quickly to nearly any demand. These platforms also provide greater resilience against points of failure by distributing workload among multiple data centers and geographic areas.

Other benefits include the ability to scale up production-level test environments and automation testing, providing a higher level of product quality.

A public cloud platform allows ISO Claims Partners to focus more on quickly building improved solutions and less on data center infrastructure.

What changes will I see?

Changes will be seamless. You will not see any disruption or loss of product capability. Regular product updates will continue as scheduled.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Data security is—and has always been—critical to ISO Claims Partners and its clients. In fact, as we evaluate moving to the cloud, we are considering additional security measures beyond those already in place on-site as we continue to emphasize and enhance security across our enterprise. Learn about AWS security.

Will my data remain in the United States?

Yes. All data currently stored in the United States will remain in the U.S. after moving to cloud storage, as will all new data going forward.

Is there an additional cost?

While product costs can change over time, there will be no increase in price due to ISO Claims Partners’ eventual move to public cloud providers.

Which products will move first?

We are still evaluating which tools and data are the best candidates for cloud platforms, but they will include products with spikes in volume or storage requirements.