Verisk Acquires Franco Signor

Our new acquisition enables ISO Claims Partners to offer the most comprehensive suite of fully integrated Medicare compliance solutions and the nation’s top Medicare experts all under one roof.

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ISO Claims Partners helps insurers take control of claims, compliance, and costs

ISO Claims Partners provides a wide range of claims compliance solutions—from extensive MSP services to efficient EDI reporting—as well as proven predictive analytics that improve workers’ compensation and liability claims management.

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Improve claim outcomes through data, analytics, and advocacy

With our support and insight, customers are achieving greater efficiencies, maintaining full compliance, and making better decisions. Check out the results for yourself!

Millions of Dollars Saved
Clients saved more than $40 million in Medicare conditional payments in 2018

Manage claims compliance and reporting better

The complexities of claims compliance are daunting—and expensive. That’s why ISO Claims Partners offers a full range of holistic Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) reporting and cost-containment solutions that save time and reduce spend. We also offer streamlined FROI/SROI and EDI reporting to empower insurers to meet the requirements of every state.

Exceptionally Accurate MSP Reporting
Less than 1 percent error rate on more than 700,000 claims submitted to CMS

Empowering insurers to comply fully with Medicare

Our full suite of workers’ compensation allocation and compliance solutions provides seamless, accurate CMS reporting, comprehensive lien services, and cost containment for future medicals.


Improve outcomes of workers’ compensation and liability claims

ISO Claims Partners offers predictive analytic solutions to improve outcomes and reduce costs of workers’ compensation. In addition, Liability Navigator® helps improve consistency in liability claims.

Our predictive analytic solutions also provide access to a legal analytics platform to help win more cases.

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Discover High-Complexity Workers’ Comp Claims
Predictive analytics found high-severity claims 40 days faster

Learn more about ISO Claims Partners solutions

Medicare Future Allocations

Medicare Set-Asides and cost mitigation

Section 111 Reporting

Accurate Medicare reporting lets insurers comply with ease

Lien Services

Mitigate compliance costs of Medicare and Medicaid liens

Liability Navigator®

Improve general damages assessments, settlements, and liability


Detect and manage high-severity workers’ compensation claims through predictive analytics


A comprehensive suite of tools to simplify workers’ compensation data reporting


Provides states and insurers with the means to turn untapped data into actionable insights


A workers’ compensation data collection system for states

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