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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do the initials ISO stand for?

ISO began life in 1971 as Insurance Services Office. While we still serve the property/casualty insurance marketplace, our business has expanded greatly. Therefore, in recent years, we have not used the old name in most of our communications with customers and others.

Is your company related to the organization that promotes standardization around the world?

No, the International Organization for Standardization, which also uses the initials ISO, is not related to our company. You can find the other organization's website at

Is ISO my insurance company?

No, ISO is not an insurance company. ISO provides advisory services and information to many insurance companies. On your insurance policies, you may see notices showing ISO (Insurance Services Office, Inc.) as the copyright owner. That's because ISO develops and publishes policy language that many insurance companies use as the basis for their products. But your policy is a contract between you and your company. ISO is not a party to that contract.

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