RealTwiin for Insurance Claims

Property characteristics and aerial imagery for expedited claims handling.

Before you can expedite claims, you need a clear picture of the property before the damage.

Using visual property inspections in tandem with your claims estimating process gives you a better understanding of pre-damage property conditions and key data to verify the loss details.

Compare pre-catastrophe property photos with the post-catastrophe reality.

RealTwiin™ delivers an all-in-one virtual bundle. Punch in an address, and you receive up to six high-quality aerial photographs of the property and a detailed breakdown of the structure’s characteristics.

Sometimes it takes diving into an actual RealTwiin report to grasp just how much of an impact its insights will have on your claims workflow.

High-quality aerial photos that are insurance ready

Realtwiin Aerial Imagery

High-quality aerial photos that are insurance ready

Get a fuller picture to ensure a more precise claim. Your RealTwiin report includes up to six aerial images of the property from multiple angles delivered nearly instantaneously, so you can start the claims process quicker.

The world is going remote. RealTwiin is one more tool in the modern insurance and restoration professional’s toolbox.

Three ways to buy

1 Cellphone Image Capture

Included with ClaimXperience.

Request RealTwiin in the “Services” tab of ClaimXperience, and you’ll receive up to six high-quality aerial exterior images of the property plus a full suite of structural characteristics.

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2 Home Construction

Characteristics+ with ClaimXperience.

Upgrade to RealTwiin Characteristics+ within ClaimXperience. In addition to six high-quality aerial exterior images and basic structural characteristics, Characteristics+ adds information about permits, zoning, and roof details.
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3 Aerial Map

The Verisk Geospatial Dashboard.

Set up your account on the Verisk Geospatial Dashboard, and you’ll have space where you can streamline your property reports and review previous purchases.

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