Verisk Businesses

Together, we help customers make better decisions about risk, investments, and operations with greater precision, efficiency, and discipline. Some of our major businesses include:

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)

AER serves government and commercial customers by improving the way we see and understand the Earth and measure the atmosphere and oceans. As part of a major scientific ecosystem, AER helps transition leading-edge research to operational uses that benefit society.   

AIR Worldwide

AIR conducts scientific research, analyzes data, and provides tools that promote greater understanding of the likelihood and consequences of a catastrophic event, including earthquake, hurricane, storm surge, and pandemic. AIR’s work helps the public and private sectors plan for events, trigger and fund response, and promote resilience.

The wind, rain, and flooding associated with Hurricane Harvey in 2017 caused extensive damage in many areas of Texas.


Argus offers benchmarking, scoring, analytics, and customized services for financial institutions and regulators. The company partners with the leading players in the banking industry to study financial transactions and provide the deep analytical insights that help keep banks safe, sound, and profitable. Collaboration between Argus and its worldwide customers directly benefits governments, businesses, and consumers, all of whom are stakeholders in the bigger economic picture.


Geomni uses the latest remote sensing technologies to deliver geographic and spatially referenced information about residential and commercial structures. Property professionals use this data to help assess risk, perform valuations, and determine the scope of damage following a loss. As natural catastrophes are unfolding, Geomni’s predisaster monitoring helps facilitate rapid response; and its postdisaster imagery, collected by aircraft in quick-response hubs, helps facilitate recovery.


ISO provides data, analytics, and decision support services for the property/casualty insurance industry. Since 1971, ISO has been aggregating data as the basis for predictive analytics and developing highly regarded policy forms and endorsements. ISO helps customers protect individuals and businesses of all sizes from the risks associated with what they own, what they do, and the goods and services they provide.

Customers use ISO’s database of insurance claims—the largest claims database in the world—to help expedite the payment of legitimate claims and detect suspect claims. And studies have confirmed that the municipal fire protection evaluations performed by ISO in nearly 48,000 fire protection areas in the United States ultimately help local communities plan, budget for, and justify improvements in fire protection.

Verisk 3E

Verisk 3E provides data products and information services to help customers produce environmentally sensitive products, improve user and worker safety, and reduce the inherent risks of storing and transporting hazardous materials and substances. Verisk 3E maintains the world’s largest database of material safety data sheets and helps customers navigate complex layers of regulatory and reporting requirements in the United States and more than 90 other countries. Verisk 3E also advises customers on international restrictions related to the mining and trading of conflict minerals.

Verisk Maplecroft

Verisk Maplecroft integrates global risk analytics, expert insight, and user-centric platforms to help private and public organizations assess and mitigate risk associated with such issues as corruption, child labor, civil unrest, and human trafficking. Services include country monitoring, responsible sourcing, human rights due diligence, commodity risk, resilience, and investment analysis.

Verisk Retail

Verisk Retail provides data management and analytical services that help retailers prevent loss, manage risk, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie is a global leader providing commercial intelligence for the energy, chemicals, metals and mining, and renewables industries. Its analysis and advice on assets, companies, and markets inform all levels of strategic decision making, ranging from capital allocation in the private sector to policy initiatives by national governments. Wood Mackenzie businesses include Greentech Media, an information services provider for the next-generation electricity and renewables sector, and MAKE, a research and advisory business specializing in wind power.


Xactware provides software for estimating the cost of building or replacing property. Customers use that information to determine how much insurance to purchase for homes and commercial buildings. When a loss occurs, Xactware solutions make the adjuster more efficient, the insurer more confident, and the policyholder more likely to recover.