Work with Purpose

Social Responsibility

Champion Social Responsibility

We’re committed to environmental responsibility, advancing issues of global consequence and acting with uncompromising integrity.

Strong Environmental Commitment

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Strong Environmental Commitment

Verisk’s Statement on Climate Change describes our position, reaffirms our support for the scientific community, and commits the company to addressing environmental challenges within our sphere of influence.

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Through a combination of purposeful energy reduction initiatives and investments in renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets, Verisk has balanced 100% of its CDP-reported global greenhouse gas emissions for the last two years.

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Giving and Volunteering Opportunities

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Giving and Volunteering Opportunities

We provide direct financial and in-kind support to charitable organizations to advance important initiatives nationally and globally.

During our sixth annual Verisk Volunteer Week, more than 1,400 employees contributed more than 5,200 hours to 60 communities worldwide.

We match 100% of employee donations to eligible charities up to certain maximums.

We support educational programs, hospitals, food pantries, homeless shelters, and other cultural and social services organizations throughout the year.

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Responsible and Fair Governance


Responsible and Fair Governance

We’re committed to a governance framework that promotes diversity of informed opinion; appropriate standards of conduct; and the protection of physical, financial, and intellectual assets.

We set a high and uniform standard of fair and ethical behavior for ourselves and our suppliers.

Our policy statement on managing and protecting data acknowledges our stewardship responsibilities, discusses our protective framework, and describes our third-party certifications.

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