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Kristen Dardia

Z210022 Whm Kristen

Kristen Dardia

Director, Insurance Analytics, ISO

From actuary to leading an analytics team, ISO’s Kristen Dardia talks about her unexpected career journey and how she wound up working in machine learning.

How did you get into your current field?

Even in grade school, I was drawn to math. In college, I was a math/stat double major. As a result of the combination of classes that I had taken, I realized that I had earned an “actuarial science concentration.” That’s when I decided to find out what “actuarial science” was, haha.

I started my career at Verisk as an actuary. Along the way, I earned a master’s in statistics. Using that knowledge, I explored trend analysis and predictive modeling in the course of my work. In doing so, I realized that this was the type of work I wanted to do. So I joined the Insurance Analytics team and eventually earned a position as a leader, heading up the data analytics work we do for Commercial Lines/Life.

What’s the coolest project you’re working on right now, and why?

We're developing an algorithm that can price the value of contents within a commercial property. Due to the large variance in the type of objects, equipment, and machinery found within different commercial occupancies, this is quite a challenging problem to solve for. We use cutting-edge machine learning models and creative data sources to build a robust solution that will become part of the 360Value suite of products.

What has been your experience with mentors and mentorship? Do you serve as a mentor?

While the role of “mentor” was never made official, I often go to Jared Smollik, VP of Personal Lines Core Products, for guidance and counsel. Jared operates with integrity and wisdom and always offers informed and sound advice.

Similarly, being a mentor is an incredibly rewarding experience. I could argue that I get more out of it than my mentees do. In the course of mentoring, it’s uplifting to reflect on my career progress and gain confidence in the fact that I’ve gotten to the point where I have some sound guidance to give.

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