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Bethany Vohlers

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Bethany Vohlers

Cyber Subject Matter Expert, Business Lead for Europe & Asia, Verisk

Was Verisk's Bethany Vohlers destined for a career as a cyber subject matter expert? From taking part CPUs as a child, her love of tech started at a young age. What challenges face the next generation of women leaders?

How did you get into the field?

From taking apart CPUs and playing with PowerPoint as an 8-year-old to my current role as an SME on all things cyber, I've always had a love of technology. This was further fostered by my family's encouragement, with my dad and brother working in the field.

Equally, I've had a personal penchant for art and design throughout my life. As I grew into a teenager and began exploring programming languages, I quickly discovered how beautifully creative technology—and programming that technology—can be. Technology does not need to quell creativity.

It was also during this time that I discovered statistics through classes at school. I was so captivated by the subject that I decided to pursue higher education for statistics and computer science—two fields I believe have limitless applications. Since then, my career has taken me across multiple industries and roles, but I've always stayed true to my love for statistics and technology.

What challenges the next generation of female leaders will face?

None of these are especially new, but they continue to be challenges that the next generation of female leaders will need to overcome:

Finding work/life balance – an age-old challenge that has been slow to improve

Tackling imposter syndrome – managing the inability to internalize accomplishments and accept success

Speaking up – finding the confidence to have a voice, ask questions, and share your perspective

What's the best piece of advice you ever received or given, and why?

"Be comfortable being uncomfortable" – from a former manager in tech. I credit this advice for being the reason why I've traveled the globe for work and pleasure, including living in Singapore and now London.