Throughout the year, experts from Verisk will host web seminars focusing on topical issues facing the industry. Additionally, we'll feature new and/or improved product offerings in our product spotlight series.

Our web seminars are complimentary and open to all ISO participating insurers, agents, brokers, and risk managers.

Medicare Section 111 Reporting for Lawyers: Unravelling the Mystery and Understanding how it Impacts Claims Handling and Settlement

It is the silent 800-pound gorilla in the room that has a direct impact on Medicare compliance --- CMS’s Section 111 reporting law. As defense counsel are busy defending and settling the claim, their clients are reporting required claims info to Medicare which CMS then uses to help enforce its recovery rights. While defense counsel rarely pushes the Section 111 reporting buttons, they must understand how Section 111 reporting works and how it impacts larger compliance issues and settlement.

This session provides counsel with a “nuts and bolts” review of Section 111 and what they need to know about Medicare’s reporting law. Topics include:

• Section 111 reporting – CMS’s objectives
• Who is (and is not) responsible to report under Section 111?
• When is Section 111 reporting required?
• What info gets reported to CMS?
• Where does defense counsel fit in?
• Tying it all together - claims and settlement impact

Attorney CLE credit available for the following limited and select jurisdictions: CA, FL, IL, LA, NY, PA, TX.

Who Should Attend

SIU leaders, SIU analysts, investigators, claims executives and managers, data scientists 

Presentation Date

Monday, October 18, 2021
2:00 p.m. ET


Mark Popolizio
VP MSP Compliance
ISO Claims Parnters

Sid Wong
VP of Policy
ISO Claims Partners

Jeremy Farquhar
Senior Product Consultant
ISO Claims Partners

Who’s Funding the Case? The Rise of Third-Party Litigation Funding

There’s a new legal trend on the rise in the U.S. that’s already taken hold in Australia, the U.K., and other countries – cases being funded by third parties who aren’t parties to the litigation known as third-party litigation funding. This growing practice is presenting several challenges for insurers, the legal profession, and policy makers.

In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into this trend. Our panel will outline the growth of third-party litigation funding in claims litigation, current issues facing insurers, and watch-list items regarding this rapidly developing area.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is third-party litigation funding?
  • Origins and trends
  • Understanding the battlelines
  • Discovery issues and questions
  • Recent regulatory trends
  • Big picture view – claims impact, social inflation, etc.

Who Should Attend:

Claims managers; executives; claims adjusters; defense counsel

Presentation Date:

Monday, November 1, 2021
2:00 p.m. ET


Mark Popolizio, J.D.,
VP, MSP Compliance
ISO Claims Partners

Stephanie Fox
Senior Director, Legal Case Management
ISO Claims Partners

Tim McCarthy
Actuarial Director – Commercial Liability
Commercial Lines Actuarial Products

Ethics of A.I.

Artificial Intelligence as a technology allows for sophisticated pattern detection in data which is then used to predict outcomes. Ethical A.I. ensures responsible usage and how we safeguard analytic solutions against discrimination and bias.

Who Should Attend

Product developers; Data scientists; those in InsureTech; Adjustors; SIU personnel; Claims executives and managers; Claims professionals

Presentation Date

Thursday, November 11, 2021
2:00 p.m. ET


Abhishek Lall
Vice President | Head of Claims Insights & Analytics
ISO Claims Solutions

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