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You can always trust what's inside

Change has come to iiX, but all the good things you’ve come to expect from us will stay just the same. We’re unveiling a new logo that ties us more closely to the larger business we’re part of: Verisk.

The new look won’t change what we do: provide motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and employment screening services to the employment marketplace as well as MVRs and a range of driving history solutions to the insurance industry. We back it all with our industry-leading customer support, which is one reason iiX and Verisk fit together so well. Verisk’s values are ours: serve, add value, innovate.

Our new logo is a reminder that, as a Verisk business, we connect you to a wide range of products and solutions that help us serve you even better.

In addition to a new logo, we’re updating the look of and ExpressNet. No worries: we didn’t change the way ExpressNet works—only the way it looks.

As always, we thank you for your business, and we’re honored by your trust as we provide decision support to you now and into the future.

Robby Hobbs

Robby Hobbs is general manager of iiX, a Verisk business, and can be reached at

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