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The answer to enterprise-wide risk management

Does your organization struggle with understanding and managing your risk across all of your reinsurance and direct portfolios, including all of your business units, across all lines of business around the world? If you do, then you are not alone. Many global multi-line companies strive to obtain a detailed view of their portfolio risk accumulations and extract insights from their exposure data across all of their subsidiaries and potentially billions of locations, but simply don’t have the tools to do it.

To extract key insights from their exposure data, organizations need to be able to analyze their portfolios down to the individual property. However, this has proven to be an enormous technological undertaking spanning several challenges that need to be overcome to make this type of analysis possible. To extract the information you need from your exposure data first requires accessing and storing all of the appropriate data together in a central repository. This can be a significant challenge as most organizations have disparate data sets stored across multiple locations. Manually locating, combining, and querying this data across subsidiaries and cedents can be both challenging and time consuming, and every minute spent working on this means less time spent drawing insights from the data. Secondly, once the data has been compiled, there is the technical challenge of storing the high volume, complex data so detailed analyses are possible. Oftentimes, organizations struggle with their own technical infrastructure limitations to handle this volume of data.

Verisk is excited to bring you a solution to help your organization overcome these challenges and manage your risk like never before. Enterprise Exposure Manager is a scalable, cloud-native solution that enables reinsurers to evaluate enterprise-wide risk across billions of locations, providing an improved understanding of their global exposures and insights into portfolio-wide risk accumulations to enable better-informed business decisions. Developed in collaboration, Enterprise Exposure Manager integrates Sequel’s market-leading exposure management capabilities with AIR’s best-in-class analytics and Analyze Re’s high-performing modeling engine to bring you a brand new, comprehensive solution to empower enterprise-level decision making.

Enterprise Exposure Manager is cloud-based, with virtually unlimited capacity for large volumes of complex data and the computational scalability to meet your organization’s analytical demands.  We’re building this solution to not only securely and easily connect to multiple analytical environments around the world and many different data sources, including Touchstone® and Touchstone Re™, but also to be fully data format agnostic,  for your seamless data import or transfer.

With the real-time data, analyses and interactive dashboards, organizations can gain access to the information they need for daily portfolio management. Whether you’re looking to grow or limit your exposure in specific areas or to specific perils, diversify your risk, or simply better understand your existing portfolio, Enterprise Exposure Manager can help. With a new level of analytical capabilities, you can more easily identify accumulation hot spots and actively manage your organization’s risk appetite. If you’re considering underwriting a new reinsurance treaty, you can quickly assess the impact to your existing portfolio to make exposure capacity decisions.

You can leverage Verisk’s Enterprise Exposure Manager to meet many of your organization’s needs beyond risk management. Stay tuned for future articles exploring how the solution can facilitate analysis in the case of real-time event response, understanding portfolio changes and growth opportunities, and cross-class clash scenarios.

Rebecca Arias

Rebecca Arias is senior product marketing manager for AIR Worldwide at Verisk. She can be reached at

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