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Reminder update: Idaho transitions to Release 3.1 regarding First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) effective September 14, 2023

This is an important reminder that the Idaho Industrial Commission (IIC) will transition from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Claims R3.0 (FROI and SROI) to EDI Claims R3.1 (FROI and SROI) effective September 14, 2023.  Accordingly, effective September 14, 2023, use of the R3.1 standard will be mandatory for FROI and SROI reporting for all Idaho Trading Partners.

As Idaho’s transition to 3.1 heads into the final stretch, the following provides background regarding this event and outlines upcoming dates and requirements as follows:


The Idaho Industrial Commission (IIC) announced the move to R3.1 on May 12, 2021.  Initially, the release to 3.1 was scheduled for July 18, 2022, but was later changed to July 1, 2022.  On October 4, 2021, the IIC updated the release date again to December 1, 2022.  On August 5, 2022, the IIC settled on the final release date, which is September 14, 2023, along with a timeline for the transition that both Trading Partners and Vendors must comply.  Trading Partner and Vendor R3.1 FROI SROI Testing started last year on June 30, 2022.  This testing start date was initiated with the anticipation of a go live date of December 1, 2022, however, with the go live date pushed back to September 14, 2023, it has provided Trading Partners and Carriers a greater window to test.

IIC’s posted information

The IIC has posted important information and instructions regarding this transition on its website.  As will be noted, important details regarding Idaho’s transition to 3.1 can be found under the EDI Resources section on the home page using the following links: 

  • EDI Requirements: Idaho Claim EDI Release 3.1 Event Table, Idaho Claim EDI Release 3.1 Element Requirement Table, Idaho Claim EDI Release 3.1 Edit Matrix; and Idaho Claim Release 3.1 FROI SROI Sequencing Table
  • Implementation Guide: Idaho Claim EDI Release 3.1 Implementation Guide; and
  • Implementation Info: DWC Master Sender ID FROI/SROI, Transition Timeline from IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.0 to IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.1 for both FROI and SROI, EDI Claim Release 3.1 Test Plan and Test Feedback Request List, finally the IIC Processing Schedule for EDI Claim Release 3.1

This website also contains other items such as:  training information, FAQ section, web links to other resources, along with information pertaining to Trading Partner registration as well as registration instructions. 

Transition requirements and timelines

The following outlines important dates and requirements to note as part of Idaho’s transition to EDI Claims R.3.1 (FROI and SROI) effective September 14, 2023:


  • FROI Business Content Testing Completed per Test Plan - Trading Partners and EDI Vendors: 3/6/2023.
  • SROI Business Content Testing Completed per Test Plan – Trading Partners and EDI Vendors: 7/31/2023.
  • Testing End Date to meet Production Start Date – Trading Partners and EDI Vendors: 8/31/2023.


  • Prepare all systems for Production Start: 9/14/2023.
  • Release 3.0 Cut Off – Trading Partners stop sending EDI Release 3.0 data. Trading Partners to ensure the last reportable Release 3.0 EDI through 9/13/2023 is sent to and received by the IIC no later than September 13, 2023, at 11:59 PM ET: 9/13/2023.
  • IIC Process Final Release 3.0 EDI Data and return acknowledgments: 9/14/2023
  • Mandate Date (Production Ready – Trading Partners, IIC and Verisk for R3.1 FROI and SROI: September 14, 2023.
  • Trading Partner Mandate Date for EDI Claims Release 3.1 - After the last submission of Release 3.0 data on 09/13/2023 (by 11:59 PM EST) Trading Partners should START sending data for 09/14/2023 forward in Release 3.1 format. All Release 3.0 EDI not received and accepted by IIC on 09/13/2023 must be submitted to Verisk electronically in the Release 3.1 format as communicated on the R3.1 Event Table, effective on the mandate date of 09/14/2023.
  • ISO processes all IIC EDI R3.1 FROI and SROI files received on 09/14/2023 to current date and ongoing. Verisk will return acknowledgments when FROI and SROI file processing is completed, no later than 09/22/2023: 9/22/2023

As the R3.1 transition rapidly approaches, it is critical that all Trading Partners review the required specifications and have implemented the necessary changes in preparation for the September 14, 2023, go live date.  In this regard, applicable trading partners should carefully review the information posted by the Idaho Industrial Commission on its website to properly prepare for the upcoming changes.


Please do not hesitate to contact the author if you have any questions regarding Idaho’s transition to FROI and SROI R3.1 or how Verisk can help.  I can be reached at or 732-887-7556.

Nicholas Guarda, AIDM, WCP

Nicholas Guarda is currently the Client Services Manager within Verisk’s Work Comp Standards group and has been with Verisk for 4 years. Nicholas is responsible for carrier implementations, data analysis, and assisting carriers with any questions, issues, or concerns pertaining to the following WCIO & FST Products.

Nicholas is also designated as an Associate of Insurance Data Management (AIDM) through the IDMA organization. He serves as a member of the Education Committee for IDMA and is looking to become a member of the Executive Committee within the near future. Nicholas also has obtained his WCP designation through AMCOMP.

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