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Insurers help policyholders reduce risk with client handouts

Insurers are always looking for ways to help policyholders reduce risk, and Engineering and Safety Service (E&S) is dedicated to sharing information and data with insurers to meet that goal. Our series of client handouts was designed specifically for that purpose.

The value of E&S handouts

Good risk control practices

The handouts can help educate policyholders on good risk control practices and give them tools that they can use to manage risks themselves. We have more than 500 client handouts accessible on E&S through ISOnet®.

Information on risk control can come from many places, and insurers are an important source. In fact, Dodge Data and Analytics recently published a report, Safety Management in the Construction Industry 2017, that detailed the findings from a survey of safety and health trends in the American construction industry. When asked to identify the sources for their safety information, 58 percent named their insurer. Only the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was identified by more respondents.

Benefits of loss control contacts

The benefits of loss control contacts have been reported in other recent studies, such as the Schofield and Parker studies, which E&S has mentioned in previous communications. Schofield found that contact with insurer personnel reduced risk of lost-time claims. Parker demonstrated that insurers could be an effective source for disseminating information to reduce machinery hazards. This shows why agent and policyholder portals are identified by insurance IT consultants as high-interest areas for insurer website development.

In the first quarter of 2018, E&S engaged in a focused initiative to update and improve our library of client handouts. More than 100 documents were reviewed and revised. You can provide these documents “as is” to policyholders or use them as the basis for customized documents that you create with your own corporate branding. When you create custom documents, we do require that you give attribution to E&S for our contributed content.

Have questions about using client handouts or suggestions to improve their design? Contact us at

Thad Nosal

Thad Nosal is director, Engineering and Safety Service at Verisk. You can contact Thad at

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