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Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews is vice president and chief field operations officer at Verisk. You can contact him at

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August 21, 2019

Verisk releases report on how its survey services can help enhance profitability

A recent Verisk study of our customers uncovered a correlation between profitability and the use of our surveys, and that report is available now.

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May 4, 2018

Celebrating International Firefighters’ Day

May 4 is International Firefighters’ Day, a time to honor the dedicated men and women who put themselves at risk to protect our communities and, of course, to remember…

January 5, 2017

Interview: Fighting for safer homes

Robert Andrews, vice president and chief field operations officer, Verisk Insurance Solutions, interviews Leslie Chapman-Henderson of the nonprofit Federal Alliance for…

April 1, 2014

New PPC fire protection classes to benefit insurers, communities

How ISO's Public Protection Classification (PPC) program works, and new benefits offered for insurers and communities.

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