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Estimating replacement costs for personal property


Estimating replacement costs for personal property

XactContents®, from ISO’s sister company Xactware, is a system for estimating the replacement costs of personal property. XactContents is available as a module within our Xactimate estimating software or as a completely online system.

Import existing lists of personal property

Estimating with XactContents is fast and easy. Quick Entry and a variety of search functions help you find the item you need and enter it into the estimate. The insured can enter information about personal property into an Excel spreadsheet, which you can then import into XactContents.

Insureds can provide key information, such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Description
  • Age
  • Cost new
  • Estimated cost to replace

You can also scan through the insured’s inventory to decide whether to accept or reject items, search the XactContents database for current pricing, or find an equivalent for a discontinued item.

The right item at the right price

Personal Property

The right item at the right price

The XactContents database contains prices for more than a million items, updated no less than once a week. Prices come from major national retailers.

XactContents helps you easily find the item you need. You can search the database by manufacturer and model number or by item description. Placeholder items let you estimate even faster by selecting a good, better, or best replacement item. Integrated web searches also help you locate replacement items while you continue working on the estimate.

When XactContents identifies a discontinued item, the system automatically shows you a list of current items of like kind and quality.

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