Capturing workers’ compensation claims information with EDI

Workers’ compensation data compliance reporting is challenging. Insurers must carefully format and submit detailed claim and policy data to state jurisdictions and data collection organizations. Verisk has solutions for all workers’ compensation compliance reporting needs that will save time and improve reporting accuracy.

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Workers’ compensation data collection for states with EDI reporting

Launching Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting initiatives is challenging for states. Precise, cost-efficient intake mechanisms must be developed to accurately ingest workers’ compensation claims and medical data. wcCapture™ is a cost-effective solution for states seeking to initiate EDI reporting or move to a new International Association of Industrial Accident Boards (IAIABC) release.

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States can easily intake EDI workers’ compensation claims information with wcCapture

wcCapture is a workers’ compensation data collection system for states. The system provides a cost-effective option for states looking to launch new EDI reporting initiatives or move to a new IAIABC release. States can use:

  • Claims — to collect insurers’ first reports of injury (FROI) and subsequent reports of injury (SROI) in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective manner
  • Medical — to get the information needed to set accurate medical fee schedules, identify potentially fraudulent activity, and institute effective medical cost containment strategies within their states

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