Undisclosed-Driver Reports

Identify Hidden Drivers


Get the facts before your write your policies

On applications for insurance, personal auto applicants don’t always report all the drivers within their households. In fact, in some states, current regulations don’t even require that policyholders do so. Applicants for automobile insurance coverage need only list the named insureds for a particular policy.

The result? In too many cases, undisclosed drivers operate your policyholders’ insured vehicles. And, unfortunately, many of those undisclosed drivers have poor driving records. To estimate underwriting risks accurately and calculate suitable premiums, you need complete information on all potential drivers within your policyholders’ households.

With undisclosed-driver reports, you’ll get reports from highly respected data providers to help identify hidden drivers not listed on an application for insurance.

Identify Hidden Drivers.jpg

Undisclosed-driver reports let you:

  • Access several up-to-date licensing databases
  • Retrieve pertinent information about other drivers in the household
  • Identify the exact extent of household exposure from undisclosed drivers

With undisclosed-driver reports you can determine an applicant’s underwriting risk more accurately, calculate appropriate premiums, and increase your bottom line.