Top 100 Insurer Financial Results

Top 100 Insurer Financial Results from ISO is a quarterly compilation of underwriting and financial data for each of the 100 largest U.S. property/casualty insurance groups. The information is available as a PDF report or an Excel® spreadsheet package.

You can use Top 100 Insurer Financial Results to get additional insight into the data presented in ISO’s Industry Financial Results, available separately or as part of our Analysts’ Summary Package. With the Excel spreadsheet version, you can easily analyze vital financial information — either by manipulating the spreadsheet itself or by cutting and pasting data into other applications.

Here’s what you get

Both the PDF report and the Excel spreadsheet version of Top 100 Insurer Financial Results provide data for these 27 fields:

Underwriting data

  • Net premiums written
  • Net premiums earned
  • Incurred losses
  • Loss adjustment expenses
  • Other underwriting expenses
  • Policyholder dividends
  • Net underwriting gain or loss
  • Loss ratio
  • Expense ratio
  • Dividend ratio
  • Combined ratio

Financial data

  • Net investment income
  • Total other income
  • Operating income
  • Realized capital gains
  • Taxes
  • Net income after taxes
  • Unrealized capital gains
  • Stockholder dividends
  • New funds paid in
  • Change in surplus
  • Surplus
  • Total net admitted assets
  • Total liabilities
  • Unearned premium reserves
  • Loss reserves
  • Loss adjustment expense reserves

For each of the 100 largest insurance groups, the PDF report gives you data for the most recent year-to-date period. You get both dollar values and percent changes from the same period a year earlier.

The Excel spreadsheet version gives you data by quarter and year-to-date from 1995 to the present, arranged in chronological order. For each combination of year and quarter, you get data for the top 100 insurance groups, sorted in descending order based on written premium. The spreadsheet version also indicates whether each insurer is a stock company, a mutual, or a reciprocal and whether each is an agency company or a direct writer. And the spreadsheet version shows the percentage of premium attributable to personal lines for each insurance group.

For more information . . .

. . . on Top 100 Insurer Financial Results — or to inquire about subscribing —send e-mail to You can also contact ISO or call the ISO Customer Support Center at 1-800-888-4476.