Return on Investment | SIU Case Manager

Our customers tell us that they cover the cost of SIU Case Manager if each user refers just one claim for successful investigation. After that first claim, essentially, the rest is ROI.

Whether it’s busting a multimillion-dollar fraud ring or catching a single claimant faking an expensive injury with the cooperation of an unscrupulous healthcare provider, SIU Case Manager gives investigators the tools they need to detect more fraud.

Of course, results depend on the size of the claim referred, but even accumulating savings across a handful of claims can yield the same net effect — fully offsetting your annual investment in SIU Case Manager.

SIU Case Manager drives ROI gains through:

  • operational efficiency – There are only so many hours in a day. That’s why SIU Case Manager features tools to help adjusters, investigators, and SIU managers focus on the claims that should demand their time and attention.
  • trend identification – Do you know how and where your company is losing money to fraud? With a few mouse clicks, SIU managers and directors can see the “big picture,” formulate ideas, and take decisive action to protect their company’s profits.
  • increased staff availability – It’s the question every manager asks: How can I get more results without increasing my staff? SIU Case Manager allows investigators to increase their workloads because the tool simplifies case management and information tracking.

Use SIU Case Manager and see a reduction in your claims expenses — from less overhead to fewer payouts for fraudulent claims. It all starts by giving your SIU team the tools they need to stop more fraud.

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