How SIU Case Manager Works

Insurance claims and underwriting investigations require detailed planning, documentation, and analysis.

SIU Case Manager is a browser-based tool that automates and integrates the many tasks involved in managing claims and underwriting investigations.

  • Claims adjustors can identify suspicious claims and pass that information along more easily.
  • Managers can refer casework to their investigators, oversee staff activities, and compile case statistics.
  • Investigators can document case progress, report on case activities, and summarize outcomes. The application tracks details such as daily activities, to-do lists, and expenses.
  • Senior management can use the system to support enterprise-level reporting. The tool also helps refer cases to state fraud bureaus and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) for investigation and prosecution.

The SIU Case Manager activity log allows investigators to enter notes on all activities they perform throughout an investigation. The application includes a diary function to keep a list of activities investigations staff need to complete. SIU Case Manager can also help in compiling case reports for each assignment.

With SIU Case Manager, you'll increase SIU productivity, fight fraud more effectively, meet regulatory-compliance requirements, and improve your bottom line.

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