Benefits of SIU Case Manager

Every day, more fraud could be slipping through your current investigative process, leading to extra payouts that your company doesn’t need to make. It’s time to take action.

SIU Case Manager helps you:

  • increase SIU productivity – More efficient information capture leads to time savings that can increase SIU productivity incrementally throughout the day.
  • fight fraud more effectively – Storing all case details in one easy-to-access system simplifies the complicated pieces of fraud investigations.
  • meet regulatory compliance requirements – Using integrated compliance features will help you meet your regulatory requirements.
  • improve your bottom line – Paying fewer fraudulent claims helps your operation save money.
  • track all claims completely with fewer missed opportunities – More efficient investigations tracking helps your SIU pursue more fraud.
  • identify fraud trends across your claimant base – Management reports that track trends by company point to where you’re losing the most money to fraud.
  • investigate a greater number of suspicious claims – Increased efficiency allows your team to investigate more claims.
  • generate claims and SIU administrative reports in just minutes – Automating administrative tasks gives your team more time to spend on investigations.
  • increase your SIU’s effectiveness in combating complex fraud rings – Keeping case details organized can make even the most complex fraud-ring investigations easier to conduct.

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