SIU Case Manager

Increase the Efficiency of Your Claims Investigations

SIU Case Manager is a case management system that can increase the efficiency of your SIU’s insurance claims investigations.

SIU Case Manager is:

  • plugged in – The system connects your SIU with all your claim adjusters, other SIU investigators in the industry, and the NICB.
  • integrated – Integration with ISO ClaimSearch® provides investigators with automatic notifications when they add new claims that match their investigative profile.
  • productive – The workflow tool allows your unit to manage case documentation, store photos and recorded statements, assign individual activities to various field staff, and put case data and stats at the management team’s fingertips.
  • specialized – Specialized functionality helps you effectively manage complex large-scale fraud ring investigations involving numerous claims, multiple investigators, and a wide range of tasks.

SIU Case Manager helps your company increase SIU productivity, fight fraud more effectively, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and improve your bottom line.

Learn more about SIU Case Manager now:

  • How it works – how SIU Case Manager can integrate into your claims department
  • Key features – six important ways SIU Case Manager helps manage claims investigations
  • Benefits – the tangible advantages of this workflow tool
  • Return on investment – three critical areas where SIU Case Manager can lead to ROI

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