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Are your applicants telling the truth?

Take on premium leakage and underwriting fraud with data-driven insights across the policy life cycle.

29 billion

Annual premium leakage for the industry1

22 Percent Icon

Decline in application integrity2

22 1

ROI from prioritized pursuit of missing premium over policy life cycle3

Application and rate integrity can be a struggle

Riskcheck Icons 07 Inaccurate data (fields) from consumers
Riskcheck Icons 08 Misrepresentation and fraud
Riskcheck Icons 06 Gaps overlooked during soft markets
Riskcheck Icons 02 Weak prefill data
Riskcheck Icons 03 Remote transactions
Timer Growth pressures: speed over accuracy
Riskcheck Icons 05 Vehicle-related discrepancies
Riskcheck Icons 04 “Foreign drivers” hiding violations

RISK:check Point of Sale

Riskcheck Pos

RISK:check Point of Sale

Fast-track your best risks

Leverage one of the most advanced predictive models for underwriting available to the personal auto market. RISK:check Point of Sale acts like a stoplight to fast-track low-risk applicants and guide additional due diligence for prospects with a higher risk of fraud.

RISK:check Renewal

Riskcheck Renewal

RISK:check Renewal

Keep your book clean with current data

4 out of 10 policies change drivers, vehicles, or address each year1. RISK:check Renewal is a sophisticated system that can help you uncover flaws in rating data quickly and efficiently.

  • Exclusive analytics to draw insight from deep data resources
  • Statistical algorithms to flag policyholder information for follow-up
  • Verification of commuting distance, mileage, garaging, drivers, vehicle use, and more

Precision Reunderwriting

Precision Reunderwriting

Precision Reunderwriting

Keep your renewal book of business fresh

Correct rating errors and recover lost premium with an effective and efficient policyholder contact solution. Leading personal auto insurers are widening the gap with their competitors by elevating the customer experience and ensuring profitable retention with Precision Reunderwriting.

Innovation papers

Riskcheck Application Integrity

Application Integrity — The Whole Truth

Three large national auto insurers were looking to deepen their understanding of a conundrum many insurers share: Their loss ratios were rising at an alarming rate.

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Riskcheck Thechallenge

The Challenge of Auto Insurance Premium Leakage

Personal auto insurers have at least a $29 billion annual problem: premium leakage—omitted or misstated underwriting information that leads to inaccurate rates.

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Riskcheck Unlocking

Unlocking One-Rate Auto Insurance Acquisition

Fundamental market shifts are transforming personal auto insurance. How can insurers unclog the sales pipeline and boost customer loyalty?

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  1. The Challenge of Auto Insurance Premium Leakage, Verisk, 2017
  2. Verisk client analysis, March 2021; 22% decline over eight years as measured by average RISK:check continuum score compared across four-year time periods: 2019-2012, 2013-2016, and 2017-2020.
  3. Verisk client analysis, March 2021