Fight underwriting fraud and promote premium accuracy for new business—with virtually zero IT impact

The best way to detect fraud is to integrate a screening model into your point-of-sale process – when you have the opportunity to take action that will improve your bottom line.

Verisk's RISK:check® Point of Sale screening technology is the most advanced predictive model for underwriting available to the personal auto market today. The service provides data that insurers use to identify risks with a high likelihood of future claims fraud, find rating errors that could result in lost premium, and accurately calculate loss ratio and other performance metrics.


Our model examines 88 detailed elements in seven risk categories

The information you’ll receive includes:

  • Loss predictor score
  • Customized risk scoring
  • Asset use identifier (personal or commercial)
  • Additional-driver discovery
  • Watch list
  • Vehicles-in-household discovery
  • Foreign driver's license warning
  • Agency scorecard
  • Fraud predictor
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Agent summary for coaching & feedback
  • Asset ownership verification
  • Branded salvage-title identifier
  • VIN verification
  • Marital status confirmation


It's never been easier to detect fraud in new business

In addition to providing an easy connection to a web-based API, RISK:check Point of Sale is now available through a batch process that requires virtually zero IT development or implementation effort.

If you participate in our Coverage VerifierSM database, we simply screen the data you already supply — so you gain the competitive edge right away from detecting fraud and achieving rating accuracy.