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PCS Global Large Loss

Independent estimates for global large loss events

Pcs Gll

PCS Global Large Loss provides independent third-party industry loss estimates on large non-elemental risk loss events of at least $250 million. The industrywide insured loss data set goes back to 1989 and captures estimates for physical damage, business interruption, and liability for roughly 80 historical events. Liability is included in the loss, however, the focus of the solution is property, so there must be a property loss for liability to be reported.

PCS Global Large Loss provides detailed information about loss events and risk

Event bulletins in PCS Global Large Loss include:

  • date and location of the event
  • likely cause of loss
  • insurance industry loss estimate
  • narrative explaining the nature of the event based on information from publicly available sources and insights from participating (re)insurers

The loss narrative may include such information as:

  • date and location where the event occurred
  • type of event
  • updates on repairs or decisions to rebuild the affected facilities
  • other anecdotal information (as available)

PCS Global Large Loss methodology

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PCS Global Large Loss uses the specialty-based methodology developed for the PCS Global Marine and Energy and utilized in all other PCS Global specialty lines.

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Alex Mican MBA, ARe, AINS
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Head of PCS Global Operations at Verisk

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