Verisk’s PCS® is the internationally recognized authority on insured property losses from catastrophes.

The PCS APAC service investigates reported disasters and determines the extent and type of damage, dates of occurrence, and geographic areas affected. The PCS APAC service assigns serial numbers that help you track the losses from each catastrophe. Catastrophe events must exceed US$2 billion to be considered for designation under this service. After a preliminary insured loss estimate is published, PCS releases updated estimates every 90 days until the team arrives at a final industry insured loss estimate.

And the service produces damage estimates that help you:

  • set loss reserves
  • helps companies determine where field resources may need to be positioned for catastrophe response
  • verify your internal company estimates

PCS APAC service estimates also keep insurers, their customers, regulators, and other interested parties informed about the total costs of disasters. Insurance companies contribute significantly to the economic recovery following a catastrophe. The PCS APAC service regularly reports on the value of that contribution — and its effect on insurers. The service also maintains contact with industry representatives in many countries.

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