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Trusted catastrophe loss data for APAC

The PCS APAC service investigates reported disasters in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and determines the extent and type of damage, dates of occurrence, and geographic areas affected. The service assigns serial numbers that help you track the losses from each catastrophe.

APAC catastrophe designation

Apac Cat Designation 760x428

APAC catastrophe designation

Catastrophe events must exceed US$2 billion in Japan or US$2.5 billion in the rest of the region to be considered for designation under PCS APAC. After a preliminary insured loss estimate is published, PCS releases updated estimates every 90 days until the team arrives at a final industry insured loss estimate.

Benefits of PCS APAC damage estimates

Benefits Pcs Apac 760x428

Benefits of PCS APAC damage estimates

PCS APAC produces damage estimates that help you:

  • set loss reserves
  • help companies determine where field resources may need to be positioned for catastrophe response
  • verify your internal company estimates

Insured loss estimates also keep insurers, their customers, regulators, and other interested parties informed about the total costs of disasters.

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