PCS Global Cyber

While the cyber (re)insurance market is currently small, the sector is poised to grow significantly. PCS Global Cyber provides independent third-party industry loss estimates for cyber risk loss events of at least $20 million worldwide. Cyber is the latest specialty lines loss aggregation solution from PCS® (following PCS Global Marine and EnergyTM).

Event bulletins for PCS Global Cyber include:

  • date of public announcement of the event
  • heads of cover affected by the event
  • insurance industry loss estimate
  • narrative explaining the nature of the event based on information from publicly available sources and insights from participating (re)insurers

The loss narrative may include such information as:

  • economic loss estimate (to the extent available)
  • date the event occurred (to the extent possible)
  • date the event was discovered (to the extent possible)

PCS Global Cyber uses a methodology based on the one developed for PCS Global Marine and Energy, which will serve as the foundation for future specialty lines loss aggregation solutions as well.

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