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FlatCat Canada

Canadian catastrophe data with flexible, customizable delivery

FlatCat® Canada offers easy access to the entire PCS® catastrophe-history database. Users benefit from fast, flexible delivery of severe weather and catastrophe incident information back to 2009. The data can be customized, analyzed, and integrated right into your own system.

Get more Canadian catastrophe information faster

FlatCat Canada supplies up-to-date, relevant information including catastrophe serial numbers, extensions, and loss estimates. The data helps you analyze the effects of catastrophes by province and by storm type.

Icon2 Betterallocate

Better allocate capital and other resources

Icon3 Improveuw

Improve underwriting

Icon4 Streamline

Streamline catastrophe planning

Icon5 Optire

Optimize your reinsurance purchases and other forms of risk transfer

Capture more Canadian catastrophe claims and analyze them better

FlatCat data can be used to identify claims that should be coded as catastrophe losses. Fewer claims will slip through the cracks, eliminating the need to check information manually. You’ll also be able to format the data, integrate it into your own system, create customized reports, and perform a broad range of analyses.

How it works

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How it works

FlatCat Canada is an encrypted flat-file database requiring IT capabilities to incorporate it into your system. Using Verisk’s secure FTP servers, FlatCat Canada provides a daily data file that includes:

  • catastrophe serial numbers
  • dates of occurrence
  • provinces affected
  • types of catastrophes and perils
  • all loss estimates from preliminary to final (estimated payment, average payment, number of claims, total dollars)

Our staff will coordinate with your IT personnel to implement a daily download. Once the updates to your system are in place, the process works automatically. The data you download is always secure, as we support PGP and FTP.

Icon6 Access Historical Access historical PCS data for Canada
Icon7 Createcustreports Create custom reports
Icon8 Lossestimate Access loss estimates without searching through multiple bulletins on ISOnet®
Icon9 Viewlosses View how losses develop over time through resurvey periods

C-CAT dynamic capabilities

C-CAT allows you to easily filter through information, including:

  • date of catastrophe
  • province where catastrophe occurred
  • catastrophe type
  • catastrophe number
  • loss type
  • line of business

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For More Information about PCS

Alex Mican MBA, ARe, AINS
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Head of PCS Global Operations at Verisk

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