Aerial Imagery Analytics

For personal property risks

A robust data set – delivered in real time

Aerial imagery raises the standard for accurate, cost-efficient property data. Technology and machine learning make this underwriting and rating data even more reliable, and flexible delivery can ease integration into your workflows. Are you keeping up?

Enrich underwriting with Verisk’s aerial imagery derived analytics

Any property may pose unique risks to insurers. With high-resolution aerial imagery, captured by Vexcel and augmented with analytics by Verisk, the view from above can reveal those risks and help bring application data to life. Nearby trees raise potential for damage and surrounding vegetation may increase wildfire risk, while a pool and a trampoline increase liability exposure.

Aerial Imagery Diagram

Analytic insight extracted from high-resolution aerial imagery is available for population centers of 15,000 or more. Using top-down (orthogonal) and 45-degree angle (oblique) views, our analysis can help identify and confirm property features and conditions.

Industry-leading underwriting tools are more powerful when combined with aerial imagery

See critical characteristics and changes

Aerial Imagery Roof

See critical characteristics and changes

Aerial imagery clearly reveals a property’s roof characteristics. With high-resolution views, see how a roof’s condition changes over time and capture potential hazards: nearby or overhanging trees, materials that are especially prone to damage and expensive attachments such as solar panels.

Measure and monitor risk and mitigation

Aerial Imagery Property Survey

Measure and monitor risk and mitigation

As the wildfire peril grows, keep an eye on property-level mitigation with aerial imagery. Measure property elements such as elevation and acreage, and monitor characteristics such as defensible space between structures and vegetation or other potentially combustible materials for mitigation of wildfire exposure.

Spot sources of liability exposure

Aerial Imagery Swimming Pool

Spot sources of liability exposure

Aerial imagery technology enables insurers to detect liability hazards on a property in the form of swimming pools, trampolines, and other outdoor features and amenities with the potential to cause injury to residents or guests.

Aerial Imagery Analytics

Aerial Imagery Capabilities Flyer

Data derived from aerial imagery can be used as another tool to help insurers automate more accurate underwriting throughout the policy lifecycle

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Automate More Accurate Underwriting with Imagery Analytics

Aerial Imagery Webinar

Automate More Accurate Underwriting with Imagery Analytics

Digital transformations, such as imagery analytics, are helping carriers maximize alternatives to traditional underwriting processes, while still accurately identifying hazards and assessing insurance-to-value throughout the policy lifecycle.

Real-time updates for a growing range of property elements

Abstract Data Image

Real-time updates for a growing range of property elements

Data derived from aerial imagery adds important new property condition elements to use at point of sale and renewal. We’re continually developing new data points, so you can expand and automate underwriting. Our image processing employs advanced automation based on human expertise to ensure the most accurate interpretation.

Verisk sources geospatial data in part from Vexcel Imaging, a leader in aerial imagery data, large-format aerial cameras, and photogrammetry software.

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