High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

For personal property risks


Precision, speed, and value in a unique data set

Accurate, fast, cost-efficient, and truly unique property data sources have been scarce until data derived from aerial imagery became available. Now, leveraging this imagery through technology and machine learning yields a new level of reliability for underwriting and rating.

A natural extension to existing property data sources

Insight extracted from aerial imagery can help validate or correct information in error-prone property data from public sources, such as roof material, presence of swimming pools or solar panels, and even potential damage detection.

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Verisk gives you a better view

Verisk’s aerial imagery captures not only a top-down (orthogonal) images of the property but also all four sides at roughly a 45-degree angle (oblique). This approach allows for 3D modeling and additional views of the property that can help confirm characteristics and conditions.

house diagram

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Important new property condition elements

Data derived from aerial imagery adds important new property condition elements to use at point of sale and renewal. These include roof condition, roof tree cover, parcel tree coverage, defensible space, and more.

Easily integrated into your underwriting workflow

Gain a strategic advantage when you arm your staff with new property details that help sharpen their underwriting and rating. Receive all of this data seamlessly via API or batch (for data elements) or by viewing images through a browser.