In-depth Analysis of Suspicious Networks

After ISO ClaimSearch DNATM identifies your suspicious networks, you can conduct more in-depth analysis using ISO NetMap DNATM. ISO NetMap DNA is the only application that allows you to easily view and explore the many aspects of your networks of special interest.

ISO NetMap DNA gives investigators the power to:

  • focus on cases with the greatest potential exposure
  • prioritize involved parties for investigation
  • understand key connections critical to the investigative process

How it works

Using advanced link analysis technology, ISO NetMap DNA helps you study suspicious networks to produce results that are easy to understand. The tool visually reveals relationships within a network that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • ISO NetMap DNA integrates seamlessly with ISO ClaimSearch DNA and lets you examine the details of your proactively identified networks.
  • The easy-to-install platform allows for robust analysis and optimizes the use of limited investigative resources.
  • ISO NetMap DNA features a flexible, interactive format, allowing investigators to see connections quickly so they can focus on claims and persons of interest.

Get started now

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