NetMap for ClaimSearchTM

NetMap for ClaimSearchTM is fraud-fighting software for companies that don't maintain their own data repositories. NetMap for ClaimSearch analyzes data from the ISO ClaimSearch database to help you identify patterns of fraud across multiple claims.

Instead of looking at each claim separately, you'll see numerous connections between claims across time and physical distance — all on a single screen. And you'll find those connections before you deploy valuable investigative resources.

What you can see with NetMap for ClaimSearch

Because NetMap for ClaimSearch analyzes huge quantities of data, you'll uncover hidden connections among claims. The system uses automated analytical techniques that reveal intricate patterns of fraud perpetrated by claimants, insureds, and providers, including doctors, attorneys, and auto body shops.

NetMap for Claims

For example, NetMap for ClaimSearch will reveal:

  • an insured in one accident who shares a Social Security number with an insured in another accident
  • a telephone number associated with four different people across multiple claims in a single month
  • a claimant who shares the same address as the lawyer noted on the claim

Those hidden connections are red flags to fraud investigators. And once you see the connections, you can earmark claims for further investigation.

A flexible, convenient system

NetMap for ClaimSearch creates one convenient location for ISO ClaimSearch result reports and link-analysis results. Each time you use the software, the system automatically stores the claims found during your search — including claims reported to ISO ClaimSearch — on your computer. And NetMap for ClaimSearch offers custom data extraction and advanced printing capabilities.

The system is also customizable. You can select either simple or complex data displays — a critical ability when dealing with the larger organized activity associated with vendors, medical providers, and attorneys.

For more information . . .

. . . on NetMap for ClaimSearch, call ISO ClaimSearch Sales at 1-800-888-4476. Or send e-mail to And for other information or services, refer to the ISO ClaimSearch Service Directory.