How quickly and accurately can you analyze your casualty excess-of-loss reinsurance treaties?

In just a few keystrokes, ISO’s MILD™ delivers a complete exposure rating model to perform the most sophisticated custom analyses without cumbersome formulas.

Our data tables cover size-of-loss distributions from general liability, commercial auto, and medical malpractice lines.

Each table includes information on:

  • Policy limits
  • Cumulative distribution functions
  • Limited average severity
  • Allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE)
  • Unallocated loss adjustment expenses (ULAE)
  • Increased limits factors with and without risk load
  • Risk loads

Features and benefits

The power of MILD:

  • Generate your own increased limits factors based on data you submit
  • Fit distributions to your loss levels, weights, and empirical cumulative distribution function
  • Choose lognormal, Pareto, or Weibull distributions
  • Compare fitted distributions against ISO distributions
  • Perform sensitivity analyses to see how treaties respond to ALAE treatments, risk load options, and trends
  • Explore how ALAE varies with size of loss by line of insurance

Casualty Solutions

Property Solutions


Take a deeper dive:

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