Marine Index Bureau

Your first line of defense against fraudulent personal injury claims

Ships and docks and oil rigs are dangerous places. With the machinery, the cargo, and the hazards of nature, the maritime and energy industries will always be subject to accidents. And because of the transient nature of the work, it's hard to collect solid information about those accidents. But while safety improvements have reduced the number of personal injury claims, the industry continues to suffer from fraudulent or otherwise questionable claims.

To help guard against fraud, you need access to a comprehensive source of claims histories. You need to know whether the individual making an injury claim against you has a pattern of making such claims against others. You need the claims databases of the Marine Index Bureau (MIB) and ISO ClaimSearch®.

MIB/ISO ClaimSearch

For nearly 70 years, the MIB database has been the first line of defense against fraud in maritime injury claims. The MIB database is the most complete source of information on personal injury claims by maritime employees and third parties in the U.S. marine industry.

And now, MIB also gives you access to ISO ClaimSearch — the property/casualty insurance industry's only comprehensive system for improving claims processing and fighting fraud.

Service enhancements

The integration of the MIB database with the ISO ClaimSearch database allows MIB participants to access:

  • 4.5 million MIB injury claims
  • more than 100 million ISO ClaimSearch injury claims
  • public-records information
  • other investigative tools available from ISO

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Participation in MIB is open to the maritime industry's self-insured employers, insurers, protection and indemnity associations, independent claims adjusters, and third-party administrators. To find out how your company or organization can participate, contact us at 1-800-888-4476.

For other information or services, refer to the ISO ClaimSearch Service Directory.