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LightSpeed Personal Auto

One-rate acquisition and quoting

With the right quote the first time, you can raise conversion rates 50 to 85 percent.1

Nearly a third of prospects leave the sales funnel before they're even quoted, and another 30 percent are uprated after the initial quote through the outdated process that leads to "Rate Call 2."2

LightSpeed® can help you keep more business in the pipeline with verified super-leads and a single, bindable quote.


3 questions, 2 minutes, 1 platform

Lightspeed Brochure

3 questions, 2 minutes, 1 platform

A configurable solution designed to boost conversion rates—profitably

More data up front brings decision points forward in the workflow for better control of your underwriting and a great buying experience. When you capture the profitable customers you want, your investment can more than pay for itself.

Unlocking one-rate auto insurance acquisition

Unlocking One Rate Auto Insurance Acquisition

Shifting demographics, digital expectations, and competitive forces are transforming personal auto insurance. Our Innovation Paper explores key strategies to help compete in the InsurTech revolution.

Download the Innovation Paper

LightSpeed Personal Auto is one of the Ready for Guidewire-validated accelerators now available from Verisk in the Guidewire Marketplace.

Metromile elevates CX, lowers expenses

Lightspeed Auto Road Lights

Metromile elevates CX, lowers expenses

Learn how a leading pay-per-mile InsurTech uses LightSpeed to simplify the consumer buying experience, increase speed to bind and conversion rates, and lower acquisition costs.

Underwrite with confidence

Insurance Consulting

Underwrite with confidence

Our insurance consultants can help you refine or apply business rules following your LightSpeed implementation to help ensure that you’re properly classifying risks.

Implement UBI seamlessly

Telematics Ubi

Implement UBI seamlessly

Learn how LightSpeed Auto streamlines the buying process for usage-based auto insurance.

Go Digital, Get Personal: Unlocking Transformation in Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Go Digital Webinar

Go Digital, Get Personal: Unlocking Transformation in Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Emerging personal auto and homeowners trends have insurance leaders seeking ways to adapt nimbly, win business efficiently, and lift the customer experience (CX) while digitizing the quoting process. Watch this session to help unlock your digital transformation.

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One-rate auto insurers can own the future

Digital transformation can play a key role in boosting the number of auto insurance customers who make a seamless journey from quote start to bind.

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The new economics of a data-forward auto quoting strategy

Substantial investments can keep companies anchored to legacy processes, but auto insurers may need to rethink their quote flows to pursue profitable growth.

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Customer Experience

Reimagining the customer experience in personal auto

Insurers are meeting consumers in a new world of expectations set not only by their direct competitors but by retail businesses outside the insurance industry.

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Rate Call 2 is a dinosaur; InsurTech is the incoming meteor

Competition and tight margins have driven many personal auto insurers to a sales process in which a customer may see the quoted rate change before bind.

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Verisk named People's Choice Innovation Vendor of the Year by Insurance Nexus

Insurance Nexus, a global provider of insights and events for the insurance industry, has named Verisk as its People’s Choice Innovation Vendor of the Year.

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Where is the personal auto market, and how did we get there?

A few generations ago, it took some time to produce an auto insurance quote, but it was usually reliable.

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  1. Unlocking One-Rate Auto Insurance Acquisition: 7 keys for competing in the InsurTech revolution.
  2. Verisk customer experience.

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