LightSpeed Auto

One-Rate Acquisition and Quoting


With the right quote the first time, you can raise conversion rates 50 to 85 percent.1

Nearly a third of prospects leave the sales funnel before they're even quoted, and another 30 percent are uprated after the initial quote through the outdated process that leads to "Rate Call 2."2

Verisk can help you keep more business in the pipeline with verified super-leads and a single, bindable quote.



LightSpeed™ Auto

A configurable solution designed to boost conversion rates—profitably

More data up front brings decision points forward in the workflow for better control of your underwriting and a great buying experience. When you capture the profitable customers you want, your investment can more than pay for itself.

Unlocking one-rate auto insurance acquisition

Shifting demographics, digital expectations, and competitive forces are transforming personal auto insurance as we know it.  A new Innovation Paper addresses strategies to evolve from practices that slow your sales pipeline and damage customer loyalty. Plus, learn 7 keys for competing in the InsurTech revolution.

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Verisk named 2018 People’s Choice Innovation Vendor of the Year

Verisk has gained wide recognition for its award-winning InsurTech platforms and earned consecutive rankings among the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes magazine. Read the article.

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The big picture

Know coverage, loss, and driving history—plus other underwriting and rating data so you only quote once. Learn more.

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Just the facts

Safeguard against fraud and protect rating integrity with the power of RISK:check® Point of Sale.


Where is the personal auto market, and how did we get there?

To improve, it’s important to understand your history So, how did we get here? The answer lies in a strategy many insurers employ to control expenses.


Rate Call 2 is a dinosaur; InsurTech is the incoming meteor

Rate Call 2—a different, often higher, rate than initially quoted—is a dinosaur. Inefficient application and quoting processes are limiting conversion rates, harming insurers’ reputations and policyholder loyalty, and stifling opportunities for growth.


Solving the Millennial Marketing Mystery

Millennials are surpassing the boomer generation in size. Insurers will have to learn millennials' language and guide them through the indispensable purchase of insurance. 


Auto insurance premium leakage: A $29B problem for the industry

Personal auto insurers have at least a $29 billion annual problem: premium leakage- omitted or misstated underwriting information that leads to inaccurate rates.

Flyer: An Overview of LightSpeed

3 questions, 2 minutes, 1 platform...get 30% more quotes with LightSpeed, the online acquisition platform that fast-tracks verified, bindable quotes in 2 minutes.

Whitepaper: The Importance of Application Integrity

Three large national auto insurers were looking to deepen their understanding of a conundrum many insurers share: their loss ratios were deteriorating at an alarming rate.

1. Unlocking One-Rate Auto Insurance Acquisition: 7 keys for competing in the InsurTech revolution.
2. Verisk customer experience.