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LightSpeed Small Commercial

What if you could shorten the time to quote from days to seconds?

Powered by innovation and bolstered by industry expertise and unmatched data and analytics, LightSpeed® Small Commercial enables automated underwriting without sacrificing the risk insights that help you compete and grow a profitable book of business.

No other small commercial data and analytics platform provides:

Are you underwriting your small commercial business with the power of AI?


Are you underwriting your small commercial business with the power of AI?

Small business risk exposures can lie in plain sight, but without the right technology, you may never find them.

That’s why we built LightSpeed® Small Commercial.

Verisk’s comprehensive data is helping us improve not only our ease of doing business but also our underwriting results.

  • John Eckmair
  • Utica National Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer

Adding unstructured data to build a more holistic picture

Traditional prefill reveals only part of the story for assessing risk exposure. A rich source of information lies in unstructured data, including webpage text, social media posts, images, and video. Analyzing this data can enable straight-through processing by answering critical underwriting questions up front.

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Beyond prefill to automated underwriting

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Providing a highly accurate quote in minutes with just a business name and address is the goal. Reaching it requires robust data and risk insights that can help insurers capture new business, retain customers, and become the carrier of choice in the competitive small commercial marketplace.

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Looking to save time and increase underwriting profit?

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Manual underwriting requires time and effort to verify application details, research potential exposures, and follow up with customers and agents. Are you looking for a tool that can help boost profitability by saving time, a type of time (saving) machine? Look no further.

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Automated Underwriting: Winning in the Race to Zero

Race To Zero

Automated Underwriting: Winning in the Race to Zero

Insurers can meet customer expectations for speed without sacrificing underwriting accuracy by integrating reliable data and advanced analytics into their workflow to win the race to zero questions.

Understanding the power of AI

Small Commercial Web

Understanding the power of AI

How will AI transform small commercial underwriting?

What can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) do for your small commercial insurance business? From creating new sources of underwriting insight to unleashing operational efficiencies, the promise of AI/ML is immense. Gain a deeper understanding of how these innovative technologies can be applied in insurance and see what the future may hold.

Get a clearer picture of your risk exposure with image analytics

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Get a clearer picture of your risk exposure with image analytics

Image analytics is helping to transform data-driven underwriting for small commercial insurers, who are under tremendous competitive pressure to increase market share and improve the customer experience. Along with other robust data sources, image analytics can help empower automated underwriting by using computer vision and machine learning to extract actionable insights that can reveal the full range of an insured’s business operations.

Book Smart: How to find hidden risks and opportunities in your small commercial insurance portfolio

Portfolio Analysis Teaser

Book Smart: How to find hidden risks and opportunities in your small commercial insurance portfolio

Tap into complete business profiles that help uncover full hazard, exposure, and operational information for cleansing portfolios, aligning coverage, and pricing with exposure-based or actuarially modeled risk correlations.

Want to learn more about how Verisk can help you capitalize on the growing small commercial market?

Verisk’s value extends beyond data accuracy. It’s part of the engine allowing us to bring tailored coverages to small businesses.

  • GILD Insurance

Leverage the pre-built integration for LightSpeed Small Commercial with Duck Creek to help support seamless workflows.

Additional insights

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Clear away obstacles to fast, profitable small commercial underwriting

Prefill application details, amplified with analytics, can fuel small commercial underwriting automation by tapping unstructured data

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Reimagine small commercial underwriting with better, broader data

Automated underwriting requires high-quality data. The quote must be informed by a holistic view of the applicant’s risk profile.

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Advantages Of Ai

Four advantages AI brings to small commercial underwriting

Learn how artificial intelligence helps small commercial insurers unlock powerful new data sources and game-changing workflow efficiences.

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