LightSpeed® Commercial


Innovation designed to enhance your underwriting processes and help improve profitability

LightSpeed® Commercial leverages Verisk’s data and analytics solutions to provide automation, speed, accuracy, efficiency, and increased throughput for decisions that support risk rating and underwriting.

Experience LightSpeed. 

To grow and compete in commercial insurance, you need to automate with reliable data—and you need to move fast. LightSpeed delivers.


The LightSpeed experience enhances all commercial lines of business:

Commercial Auto

Verisk has solutions to help combat the macroeconomic trends that challenge many commercial auto insurers.

Small Commercial

Speed, scale, and efficiency are essential for profitable growth—and we can help.

Commercial Property

In the competitive commercial property market, you must operate with accuracy to succeed—and Verisk has the tools to help.

A-PLUS™ Commercial

Automated loss runs are the critical tool insurers need to properly underwrite risks, drive profitability, and improve loss ratios. Sign up for A-PLUS™ Commercial today.

LightSpeed can transform underwriting

Real-time decisions aided by high-quality data, analytics, and workflow can speed underwriting, provide faster quotes, and help improve revenue.


The race to zero questions

Read the white paper to learn how to integrate data, analytics, workflow and technology and win the race to zero with the help of automated underwriting.

Read the white paper