ISO Passport - Experian Business Financial Reports

ISO has allied with Experian Business Information Services to bring you business credit, financial, and public-records information. The data will help you evaluate new and renewal business and make better underwriting decisions.

You can use ISO Passport® to order three commercial information reports:

ProfilePlus Report — a comprehensive business credit report with detailed trade payment experiences, credit-ranking score, collections data, details of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, banking and leasing information, graphs of payment trends, and Standard & Poor’s reports for most public companies

CreditScore Report — a credit ranking score and a summary of the credit, trade, and collections experiences in the Profile Report, but without UCC or Standard & Poor’s information and without details on credit and trade information

BizVerify Report — a snapshot of a business’s credit profile, including basic business information: credit, payment, and collection summaries, and banking, leasing, and insurance information (including UCC filings) — even for businesses that haven’t yet established an Experian Credit Ranking Score

Experian business reports can help you assess business risk, make quick underwriting decisions, and decide if you need to conduct further investigation.

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. . . about Experian Business Financial Reports from ISO Passport — or to get in touch with a sales representative — contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.