Identify medical provider fraud quickly and accurately

Insurers need to detect unethical medical billing practices early to reduce claim leakage and process legitimate bills faster. ISO MedSentry® uses predictive analytics and expert clinical analysis to uncover fraudulent medical provider fraud in your billing data. It also delivers detailed reports to help guide investigations.

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Property/casualty insurers lose $30 billion a year to medical provider fraud, waste and abuse

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You: The Unseen Problem That’s Costing Insurers Billions

Predictive analytics help detect and stop healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse

ISO MedSentry applies advanced analytics to your medical bills and provides a risk score for every medical provider in your book of business. It then produces a report detailing specific issues in your billing data as well as clinical analysis that describes the suspect behavior and what to investigate.

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Learn how ISO MedSentry reduces your medical billing exposure

Empowering Insurers to Stop Medical Fraud

Save time, effort, and expense investigating medical provider fraud

By detecting medical fraud early and at the source, ISO MedSentry helps SIU professionals, medical management, and claims teams:

  • Take decisive action against suspicious medical providers
  • Prioritize exposure associated with specific medical providers
  • Analyze injury claims more accurately
  • Process legitimate medical bills quickly


Clients have experienced significant savings with ISO MedSentry

  • 71% average reduction in medical billing
  • 69% decrease in billing from suspect medical providers

Easy implementation delivers substantial ROI

As a SaaS solution, ISO MedSentry requires minimal IT lift, and customers have realized ROI of 10:1 to 20:1.

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