ISO's Reinsurance Package: Essential analytical and pricing tools for reinsurance underwriters and actuaries

Analyze your homeowners pricing by limit of liability and layer of loss. ISO's Homeowners Section II Loss Development Information provides loss development factors and the underlying data for Homeowners Section II losses—the liability losses covered by homeowners policies.



You can use Homeowners Section II Loss Development Information to help you:

  • Conduct loss reserving studies
  • Perform actuarial analysis of homeowners pricing
  • Price reinsurance contracts, excess layers, and umbrella coverages
  • Complement the credibility of your data
  • Analyze increased limits factors
  • Calculate retention levels

Empowered with options

ISO provides Section II loss-development information in detail by state, accident year, evaluation year and quarter, and Coverage E limit of liability. This information includes age-to-age factors and age-to-ultimate factors on paid losses, incurred losses, paid occurrence counts, and incurred occurrence counts for any of ISO's 11 standard layers of loss. You can choose to receive the factors calculated separately for each of the four Coverage E limit-of-liability groups and calculated by layer of loss.

You can choose to look at data for the latest three years or data for all ten years. We update Homeowners Section II Loss Development Information data annually. Our standard compilation shows losses and occurrences evaluated as of 15 months and on subsequent evaluation dates in increments of 12 months.


  • Excel spreadsheets

Want to know more?

The products in ISO's Reinsurance Package are available as a package or individually. For your needs that go beyond the scope of ISO's Reinsurance Package of products, ISO offers reinsurance consulting services. Talk to one of our experts to find out how we can help.