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Homeowner Data

Use nontraditional data to refine segmentation

Take your underwriting to the next level

Homeowners insurers often rely on a few property features for underwriting. When pursuing new business, a complementary data set can help provide a powerful impact at critical decision points in your workflow.

Llc Ownership Properties

Properties with an LLC are nearly 3X as likely to exhibit condition issues

One In Every Hundred Properties

1 in every 100 properties on insurers’ books are vacant

Rental Listings

Around 22 percent of rental listings are found on homeowners forms

Leverage nontraditional data to help uncover hidden risk at point of quote

Property Condition

Leverage nontraditional data to help uncover hidden risk at point of quote

Adverse selection and unrecognized risks can be a constant threat to profitability in property insurers’ portfolios. Insurers can employ homeowner and property condition data to better identify risk and help flag properties with underlying risks or that may require additional inspection.

Analytics spanning key homeowner events

Discover unique ownership characteristics

Deed Information

Discover unique ownership characteristics

A home is the largest asset for most homeowners, and some choose to protect their investment through an LLC or a trust. Additionally, rental listings and new vacancies may indicate increased risk, requiring further attention when underwriting.

Uncover historical occupancy details

Ownership Details

Uncover historical occupancy details

Combined factors such as length of ownership, number of open mortgages, and foreclosure history often correlate with a homeowner’s ability to maintain the condition of a property. These can be key underwriting indicators at point of quote.

Triage new business inspections

Purchase Activity

Triage new business inspections

A comparison of the recent purchase price of a home to its market value could potentially flag homes in disrepair if purchased at significantly under market value.

Harness nontraditional data at quote

Harness Nontraditional Data At Quote

Improve underwriting, refine segmentation, and better identify properties with underlying risk using complementary homeowner data.

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