Driver Information and Discovery


The right rate starts with knowing who's driving.

Pricing on auto policies is only as accurate as the information on who drives the insured vehicle. You can't rate the operators you don't know exist, and those hidden drivers can pose the highest risk of loss. But finding them is a daunting challenge.


A better claims experience

When you reduce the incidence of unrated operators, claims experience can improve.

1. Verisk, The Challenge of Auto Insurance Premium Leakage

Application Integrity — The Whole Truth

Application integrity deteriorated by 15 percent over four years. Learn the pitfalls and discover best practices to keep it from happening to you.

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Get a clearer picture with data-rich solutions

At point of quote and sale

Tap leading data sources to help find drivers omitted from insurance applications. Auto fill driver data instantly with just a name and address.

Across the policy life cycle

Leverage high-quality data to see household changes that can add new drivers over the life of a policy or before renewal.

Accelerate your quote flow and fight fraud with a data-forward strategy

Go from quote to bind in minutes

Driver information and discovery help simplify the application process and deliver one-rate quoting for a better customer experience.

Start clean, stay clean

Household information helps reduce premium leakage and fraud caused by hidden drivers at point of sale and across the policy life cycle.


A Complete Step-by-Step Driver Discovery Solution








Verisk Innovation Paper: The challenge of auto insurance premium leakage

Unrecognized drivers are the largest source of premium leakage—more than $10 billion annually.

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Validating coverage for undisclosed drivers stems premium leakage

A leading insurer suspected hidden youthful drivers were causing major premium leakage. Here's what we found.

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