Decision Net®

Use Decision Net® to make confident, accurate, data-driven decisions. Decision Net provides vital information that enhances the power of ISO ClaimSearch® reports. You'll get a more comprehensive view of each claim and improve your analyses and investigations of individuals and businesses.

Decision Net will help you:

  • locate witnesses, claimants, and other parties
  • verify and complete the information you need to search the ISO ClaimSearch database
  • access additional information for claims reports
  • investigate suspicious claims, suspicious individuals, and possible fraud

The system is fast, easy to use, and integrated with ISO ClaimSearch. Decision Net is a low-cost solution with powerful features. Your company can save time and money, earning a return on investment quickly.

Improve your claims handling and investigations with:

  • Public Records — search the world's largest set of information on individuals and businesses, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, bankruptcy records, tax liens, judgments, Social Security numbers, property information, vehicle registration data, and social media website postings
  • Criminal Records — perform searches of more than 100 million federal, state, and county criminal and civil records nationwide
  • Police Reports — get a variety of police, fire, coroner, and department of motor vehicles (DMV) reports
  • Medical Records— order, track, and retrieve medical records electronically
  • Vehicle Data Reports — access information about a vehicle's registration and history
  • Motor Vehicle Reports — access nationwide motor vehicle reports (MVRs) with information on an individual's driving history
  • Weather Forensic Reports — order reports that can help you evaluate the loss cause of claims related to severe weather conditions in a geographic area
  • Vehicle Location Reports  — track vehicle locations over time and use photos to identify preexisting damage, monitor suspicious activity, and gauge fraud risk (also available for workers' comp claims)
  • Web Presence Search— gather online information from social networking sites, message boards, and other websites from a single source

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