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Coverage Verifier Auto

Policy history and coverage lapse information

Coverage Verifier Auto provides personal auto insurers with the policy-level information they need to make better risk selection and pricing decisions.

The system reveals much more than just the basic facts about existing and previous coverages on insureds.

You'll use Coverage Verifier to:

Coverage Accident

You'll use Coverage Verifier to:

  • identify personal auto risks with current, lapsed, or suspended coverage
  • confirm appropriate pricing tiers and discounts
  • reduce processing time
  • increase productivity
  • improve customer service
  • improve agent satisfaction
  • increase sales-close ratios

Coverage Verifier Auto provides the most complete history of risk available in the industry today. And you'll be able to access that critical information at point of sale.

Coverage Verifier Auto is also available through LightSpeed® — Verisk's data prefill tool that helps complete an insurance quote quickly and easily.

A wealth of policy-level information

Coverage Verifier Auto satisfies the industry's need for accurate underwriting information. The system supplies a wealth of policy-level information — information you can use to verify coverage representations on the application and support sophisticated market pricing and segmentation.

To participate in the Coverage Verifier Auto database, you agree to submit data to the database. Then, every time you search the database, Coverage Verifier Auto will supply data on all insureds listed on the policy.

You'll get:

  • policy-in-force status
  • cancellations, lapses, and reinstatements
  • coverage period
  • coverages, limits, and deductibles
  • driver and vehicle information, such as driver's license numbers and vehicle identification numbers (VINs)
  • insurance discounts

Data and analytics in single report


Data and analytics in single report

We help you improve risk selection by profiling specific risks based on certain characteristics. We deliver data, analytics, and metrics you can’t get from any other provider—all in one simple-to-understand report. We help you improve risk selection by profiling specific risks based on certain characteristics.

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