The New ISO ClaimSearch

Turning data into insight

Take a look at this brief video introduction to the new design and features of the transformed ISO ClaimSearch®.


The new ISO ClaimSearch provides you with an interactive visual analysis of your claim as soon as you submit it. We give you instant intelligence by highlighting the parts of the claim that require immediate attention. This visual insight into your claim shaves time off your investigation and helps you analyze and resolve claims faster and more efficiently.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll find:

  • red alerts that highlight potential issues
  • yellow indicators that show fields have a match
  • interactive loss history timeline
  • claim versioning to assist with audits
  • increased data security with PII masking
  • overall enhanced web experience

Includes all new alerts dashboard

The alerts dashboard provides a quick, intuitive way to access your claims’ alerts and saves you time by letting you prioritize the alerts that matter to you most. For each alert, you can easily drill down to view details such as policy type, date triggered, location of loss, and more.

We’ll support your transition

Even though we’re sure you’ll want to dive right in to the new ISO ClaimSearch, rest assured that your existing processes will also remain intact. Right now, you can receive your matching claims information as you do currently along with the option to experience the enhanced visualized report through our website.

Available to active users

Anyone with an active ISO ClaimSearch ID and the ability to view match reports will have access to the new report. Qualified users will be greeted with a tutorial on their first login. The tutorial will be available in our Learning Center on the ISO ClaimSearch home page to revisit or watch at a later time.

Please share with your team

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Questions? Comments?

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