Services for the Global Market

ISO has provided data, analytics, and decision support tools to an overwhelming majority of United States property/casualty insurers for more than 40 years. We’re experts at employing advanced technologies to help companies assess, manage, and navigate risk. ISO products and services deliver bottom-line results through streamlined claims operations, intelligent underwriting, improved liability assessments, and superior fraud detection.

Effective services for an international

ISO built the first and only all-claims database in the United States, ISO ClaimSearch®. Today the system has more than 1 billion records, and more than 93 percent of America’s property/casualty insurers use the system daily.


Insurers across the globe can benefit from ISO’s claims-processing and analytical services. Whether it’s building a national claims database or providing ready-to-run tools, ISO can apply its extensive industry knowledge and leading technological expertise to help insurers succeed.

  • Long and successful operating history in the largest insurance market in the world
  • Leading analytic skills and aggressive product development
  • Keen understanding of every type of insurance fraud
  • Proven claims and underwriting services adapted to local markets

Multinational presence

In addition to our broadly used products and services in the United States, we also built ISO ClaimSearch Israel, which uses data supplied by Israeli insurers and noninsurers to identify suspicious claims and validate underwriting. Insurers throughout the United Kingdom and Israel use our liability assessment system extensively.