ISO ClaimSearch DNATM

Detect Suspicious Networks of Individuals and Businesses

ISO ClaimSearch DNATM applies network analytics to detect proactively the networks of organized claims activity most likely to affect your organization.

The tool applies network analytics to vast industry data sets, including the nearly 1 billion claims in the ISO ClaimSearch® database. ISO ClaimSearch DNA detects complete and suspicious networks of individuals and businesses.

Why you need it

Organized fraud isn’t an isolated activity. Networks operate across state lines, target numerous insurance companies, and can involve hundreds — or even thousands — of claimants. As fraud schemes reach new levels of sophistication, you must fight harder and smarter.

But no company can fight large-scale organized fraud using only its own data, because that data doesn’t reveal the whole picture. You need a broader view — an industrywide view. Then, within that broader view, you can focus on the claims and schemes that threaten your company.

How it works

ISO ClaimSearch DNA applies:

  • entity analytics, an innovative method to resolve and connect similar identity records to generate a singular entity view
  • predictive models that score and identify networks of special interest to your company

The system allows you to attack large cases aggressively by providing targeted information to narrow your focus of interest and reduce your exposure quickly and efficiently.

Once ISO ClaimSearch DNA identifies your suspicious networks, you can conduct in-depth analysis with ISO NetMap DNATM.

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