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ISO ClaimAlert®

Get automated alerts for fast, precise claim processing

Speed claim handling and detect potential fraud with ISO ClaimAlert®—automated notifications that flag critical issues on claims reported in
ISO ClaimSearch®.

Improve claim triage with real-time insights

Improve Claim Triage

Improve claim triage with real-time insights

ISO ClaimAlert provides fraud indicators in real-time, visibly displaying information that could impact your risk assessment.

Accurate, actionable alerts include:

  • NICB Questionable Claim alert
  • Prior salvage alert
  • Coverage alerts
  • Prior SIU involvement alert
  • Invalid SSN alert
  • VIN Failed Edit alert

ClaimAlert leverages robust data from ISO ClaimSearch and other strategic sources

Alerts warn of potential claims fraud

Doppler Map

Detect unconfirmed hail damage

Need to confirm the date of loss of a hail event? The Hail Alert confirms whether hail occurred at an address on a specific date, helping you detect prior-damage fraud and ensure you don’t miss recovery on your reinsurance policy.


Uncover foreclosure data

The Foreclosure Alert tells you if a claimant has a property in foreclosure, allowing you to investigate potential moral hazard. The alert provides information about the stage of foreclosure and details about occupancy.

Decision Net

Get alerted about bankruptcy filings

Financial stress can be an indicator of fraud. The Bankruptcy Alert informs you if a claimant has a past or pending bankruptcy. You can also access the full bankruptcy details via Decision Net®.

Critical claim insights at FNOL

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Critical claim insights at FNOL

Learn how ISO ClaimAlert helps claim handlers and investigators make faster, better-informed decisions.

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