ISO ClaimAlert™: Foreclosure

Information about foreclosed properties to help you evaluate claims

ISO ClaimAlert™: Foreclosure is a service that reports foreclosure activity on the properties users report to ISO ClaimSearch®. ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure lets you know when a claimant has a property in foreclosure. That gives you an opportunity to investigate cases where moral hazard could be an issue.

Why you need it

Owners who face the possible loss of their property can be under considerable financial pressure. Having a property in foreclosure could motivate a policyholder to pad losses or falsify claims. ISO ClaimAlert: Foreclosure provides information about a property’s stage of foreclosure and details about its occupancy — information an investigator can use to decide whether to pursue a case.

Checkmark Icon match property claims against third-party foreclosure records
House Icon notify you when a property is in one of the five stages of foreclosure
Information Icon provide helpful information about a property’s foreclosure status that you can share with SIU investigators

When you sign up for the service, ISO ClaimSearch will run your property claims through the program and search for matches against third-party foreclosure records. If the property is in any of the five stages of foreclosure, it will return a report with details.

The report will include:

  • claim number
  • address — street number, street name, state, ZIP code
  • record type — notice of foreclosure, notice of default, lis pendens, real estate–owned, or notice of trustee sale
  • recorded date (if applicable and available)
  • auction date (if applicable and available)
  • auction time (if applicable and available)
  • owner status — owner moved with no forwarding address or owner moved with a forwarding address
  • occupancy — vacant or not owner-occupied
  • current owner — name of property owner

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