Meet property/casualty compliance requirements accurately

Insurers need to comply with various regulatory requirements during the claims process to avoid fines and minimize costs. ISO ClaimSearch® compliance solutions help your claims team save time, achieve accurate reporting, and increase efficiency.

Handle your claims reporting requirements in a single platform

Claims teams can simplify compliance reporting significantly through our solutions and services. Reporting claims to ISO ClaimSearch can help satisfy various reporting requirements without extra work from your staff. When authorized we report claims to regulatory agencies on your behalf and automatically checks your claims against various federal and state databases for matches and criminal watch lists. Services include:

  • Child Support Lien Services (CSLN) – Screens and matches claims for participants against child support obligors for the CSLN program
  • Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) – Screens and matches claims for participants against child support obligors for the OCSE program
  • Medicaid Services – Completes reporting and matching of claims on behalf of participants for authorized states, through Medical Assistance Intercept Service (MAIS) where required
  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) – Reports required information to NMVTIS on your behalf
  • CMS Solutions – Meet Section 111 reporting requirements within ISO ClaimSearch or choose additional reporting options with the MSP Navigator solution. Find out more.
  • OFAC Solutions – Monitors claims for individuals on the OFAC watch list
  • Third-Party Portal – Provides a summary of an individual’s claims history for authorized representatives


Get a full list of all the reporting services ISO ClaimSearch provides

Mandatory Statutory Reporting for ISO ClaimSearch® Participating Organizations

Easily analyze your compliance with dashboards

Get insights and visual analysis for your Child Support Lien Network (CSLN), Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), and Medical Assistance Intercept System (MAIS) matching claims. Dashboards allow you to:

  • Review data from multiple offices and states at the same time
  • Identify which data fields and information are required for compliance
  • Get reports pinpointing obligors, matches, file numbers, and claim numbers

Simplify Medicare Secondary Payer compliance with referral services

ISO ClaimSearch notifies adjusters if a claimant is Medicare-eligible and provides a quick link in the visualized platform to request Medicare Secondary Payer services from ISO Claims Partners.


Refer claimants for MSP services through ISO ClaimSearch

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